WOW TOURS - Walk or Wheels Holidays
At WOW TOURS we recognise that access to recreation and leisure opportunities should not be a privilege but a part of community life.
WOW TOURS is committed to supporting  all people to enjoy  local holiday lifestyles regardless of age, ability or background.

WOW TOURS can provide support for participants to enjoy various types of recreation like - Hot Springs, Fun Parks, Football, Fruit Picking and eating, Markets, Twilight Tours, Snow days, Farm Days, Festivals, Moomba, Royal Melbourne Show, Grand Prix, Tennis, Roar N Snore, Puffing Billy, Wild Life Parks, Train Rides, Dolphin Swim or Watching, Speed Boating, Fishing, Football, Snorkelling, Harley Rides, Trout Farms,  Sensory Based trips, Ballooning, Paint Ball, Grand Prix, Farm Stays, Beach trips and  Country Retreats and so much more so choose your own.

WOW TOURS is a boutique style support service with emphasis on small groups, high staff ratio and family lifestyle.
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