WOW TOURS - Walk or Wheels Holidays
WOW TOURS offer a unique individual local Recreational Holiday opportunity. 
WOW - provides a greater level of consultation to develop suitable activities for the traveller.
The advantages of WOW TOURS is we can suggest suitable holiday options with like minded travellers to help develop friendships greatly due to the ongoing participation in WOW short breaks. Once we have a like minded core group of travellers we can then develop the short breaks to suit them specifically.
WOW offers diversity all within one year, a particpant can experience the beach, country and snow doing things they have never experienced before, ranging from the "full on" to the more placid depending on your wants.  All of our short breaks include meaningful activities.
  • We can provide a home pick up and drop off service when we travel in your direction and sometimes just because we can.
  • We have small groups 1:1 and  1:2 staff ratio.
  • Staff sleep under the same roof because we book house/home like accomodation with modified facilities to suit wheelchairs.
  • We have access to high low beds, hoists and slings.
  • We can cater for modified diets due to specific health requirements like cealiacs, fructose intolerance and vitamised.
  • We can provide full support in PEG/PEJ and Catheter/Colostomy care.
  • MRN and Cert 6 trained staff, degree level recreation qualified, WWC, Police Checked and  First Aid.
  • Experienced recreation program officer and holiday co-ordinator
  • Boutique style holidays, local, fun, flexible and inclusive.

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